Meet Chava

I am a doula and childbirth educator working with women in the D.C. area. I have given birth six times - each in a different setting. My experiences with childbirth have inspired me to learn more about the birth process and ways to create positive birth memories. In this search I discovered a world of choices. I took a birth class and read informative books. I found a birth team and made a birth plan that met my personal needs. My experience was transformative, empowering, enriching and inexplicably meaningful. The difference was understanding my body, learning methods to work with the sensations and with my baby to increase comfort, and having the knowledge, awareness and support to achieve my goals. I am enthusiastic about working with families during their own journey into parenthood, be it the first time or the fourth. The experience is new and unique for them each time. I feel passionate about helping parents to create an environment where they feel safe and supported. I am confident in the birthing process, knowledgeable and creative. I am excited about supporting parents according to their individual needs. Every mom deserves to feel safe and nurtured during labor while feeling empowered and strong.