Doula Services

A doula can provide emotional, physical and practical support to your whole family

My services include two prenatal meetings, phone and email support, labor attendance, and a postpartum meeting

Before birth your doula can help you to prepare for the physical sensations of labor, develop skills to communicate with your provider, learn ways to increase your comfort in labor, evaluate your goals, write your birth plan, learn about optimal fetal positioning and much more

During labor your doula may help with massage, birth affirmations, breathing techniques, position changes to help align the baby and increase comfort, acupressure, visualization, relaxation, general comfort measures, reassurance, reminders and assistance achieving goals, desires and needs, information about procedures, guidance during the birth process, taking pictures, processing fears or worries and general support for partners or other family members

During the postpartum phase your doula may help process and remember the birth experience with you, establish breastfeeding in the weeks following birth, provide resources and information on infant care, postpartum recovery and support, lactation support and baby wearing among other things