Local Doulas

Sara Kirk

After the beautiful homebirth of my son I have delved into the world of birth and everything surrounding it. Following the weeks and months after my own experience I couldn’t stop reading about others. I wasn’t looking to compare, I needed to relive the raw and empowering moment of birth. Every story was beautiful. Every story was unique. Every story ended with a miracle. I soon decided that I needed to be a part of this world. I couldn’t stop reading. Water birth, home birth, cesarean, VBAC, I could go on… I found myself out of my homebirth bubble and leaning about maternity care in the US as a whole.
What I got out of everything was the fact that women need more support.  A doula, in simple terms, is professional labor support. They offer continuous physical and emotional support and they offer their knowledge of birth. After exploring for almost 2 years, I knew this was the next step for me. Here goes my journey into the world of birthwork!

Jenny Corbett

I am an actor, singer and yoga teacher and a brand new doula.  I have been living in the DC area for 12 years, working as a company member of The Capitol Steps political satire group, doing freelance theatre work and teaching music, drama and yoga to children.  I love the arts and believe strongly in the power of the arts to enrich and elevate life to a new level.  It has been my first love and my passion for as long as I can remember…and then I gave birth.
And nothing was the same.
I still love the theatre.  I still love to sing and make people laugh.  But is doesn’t light the fire under me that it used to.  The birth of my first child, Lucy, at home in September of 2009 ignited a passion for birth and babies that I thought would fade as my own childbearing time came to a close.  After my son Malcolm was born in 2011, I realized my passion for birth was a calling I need to follow.  The midwives that attended my two births gave me a wonderful gift – two beautiful, peaceful home births and a bottomless well of confidence in the power of my own body – and I feel a deep desire to “pay it forward” by serving women who desire to have their voices heard as they give birth.

My name is Jenn Carlson and I live in Springfield, VA with my rock musician/film critic husband of nine years, Eddie.  We have two beautiful daughters who are three years and eight months old.  I am also an IT and a theater professional.
The birth of my daughters in less than ideal circumstances and our journey to breastfeeding ignited my passion about birth choices and breastfeeding advocacy.
I am studying to become a Breastfeeding Counselor through Breastfeeding USA as well as a Birth and Postpartum Doula through Childbirth International.
While I am learning I am offering my services to expecting mothers who want an advocate and supporter in the delivery room or a steady hand to support breastfeeding initiation in the hospital or after you’ve gone home during those tense first weeks.  I have a particular soft spot for high risk mothers like me who need to know that they have choices with their medical care.
I want to help you get the birth you want and you can help me complete my requirements get certified with my avocation.  WIN-WIN!
Services I am offering include: Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Breastfeeding Counselor