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Chava was the most wonderful, exceptional, supportive doula I ever could have imagined.  I could not have imagined going through my first birth, all 35 hours, without her.  Not only is she warm and charismatic, encouraging and thoughtful, but she throws her whole self into her work with you---literally and figuratively!  
To start, she spent as long as I needed going through all the information and what to expect as contractions started.  When she left, I felt not only like I had all the information I needed but I felt confident and somewhat excited about it.  That says a lot about someone who gets you EXCITED for contractions!  She loves women, babies and birth.  Its so clear, its written all over her face when she first greets you every time.  She would follow up with me through email, sending me more sources and ideas to get me thinking.
During the labor, she was completely, 150 % there for me.  I was going through 35 hours of back labor, she would stand behind me and offer counterpressure WITH EVERY CONTRACTION!  She did not skip a beat---if this is what I needed, that is what she would do, and very happily.  Her enthusiasm and positivity were absolutely infectious, which is beyond important for any laboring woman.  She built up my confidence and self-trust in my body.  She had a sixth sense about what I needed for that moment--whether it was food, gentle encouragement, or the suggestion of a new position.  I can say clearly, with nearly absolute certainty, that I would not have made it through the labor without painkillers if it weren't for her.  She made me feel safe, normal and excited for what was to come.  
I strongly, unequivocally recommend Chava to anyone looking for an uplifting and inspiring birth experience.  
Posted 7/15/2014

I found Chava online. I was immediately drawn to her kind face☺ After a couple emails, we met to interview later that week. I knew right away that she was special. Her serene energy put my husband and me at ease. During our initial meeting, Chava introduced me to several birthing books and related resources to explore. She was surprisingly educated, confident and generous with her knowledge! My only surprise was that she looked so youthful. However, I was reassured by her vast comprehension of childbirth and all it entails! After that meeting, I was left feeling excited about labor and completely confident in my abilities as a woman.

Over the next several weeks, Chava and I kept in touch via email. I read all the books and felt more and more prepared for what was to come. When labor finally came, I contacted Chava and she came right over. Once again, her energy filled our space with a calmness that had not been present before. She immediately found a rhythm with my husband and mother (and dogs!) and melded into our family. Chava instinctively provided massage, acupressure and gentle touch to ease my discomfort. I was most pleased that she moved about and knew just what to do without prompting or direction. My mother described her as a hummingbird; she moved around so quietly and always happened to be at the exact perfect spot, doing the exact perfect thing. After a long, arduous labor her energy never waned. She remained strong and focused and continued to help me do the same. Chava exuded a calm excitement and joy throughout the labor process that had become infectious to everyone around her! She naturally kept my space relaxed and sacred, through every transition☺

While at the hospital, Chava continued to advocate for me. The way she interacted with the medical staff (who was not always supportive of my birth plan) was inspiring and reassuring! Chava never faltered in her conviction and support. During some of the most difficult contractions, I asked Chava to read to me. She sat quietly next to my bed and read powerful birth affirmations. Her voice was so soothing that I was actually able to drift off to sleep in between contractions. As the hours stretched on, I voiced my desire for an epidural. Chava listened to me, but knew I had more fight left! She gently reminded me of my abilities and my birth plan. Because of her, I was able to naturally labor longer and dilate more on my own. At the 56th hour, I was completely exhausted and only dilated 7cm. I knew I needed rest if I were going to finish this. I again voiced my desire for an epidural and this time, Chava knew it was what I needed. She was supportive of my decision and continued to cheer me on!

After 3 hours of pushing, I am proud to say that my daughter was born vaginally and without complications! Chava was right by my side (literally, holding my leg!) throughout the entire process. She helped me breath correctly and remain focused, when it was seemingly impossible to focus on anything! After my daughter was brought to me, I didn’t even know how to hold her. Chava lovingly assisted us and even showed us how to latch properly, which began our successful breastfeeding bond. Chava stayed just long enough and we marveled at the little miracle before us. We marveled at each other as we recalled the last 69 hours together. It was such a powerful feeling to share with her…this woman who empowered me beyond what I even knew of myself! 

Joyful blessings!
These precious moments are ones that I will cherish for the rest of my life and tell over and over. Words can’t describe the gratitude and love I feel for my doula, Chava☺
Elated mom all smiles after a beautiful baby born in August 2013

Dad and baby bonding


Chava is a warm, caring person who deeply believes every woman should have the birthing experience she wants. She is calm, supportive, strong and encouraging. She also is great with the whole family. My husband really felt comfortable and supported by her and my parents, who met her only briefly at the hospital, were immediately impressed with her.
She did a great job helping to deliver our daughter. Nothing went according to our plan during labor and she made me feel like it was all ok. Her follow ups were great and we sensed she really cared about our family. I highly recommend her to anyone. 

Chava is an excellent doula.  She is supportive, caring, friendly, and easy to work with.  She has a very intuitive sense of what women need while in labor and is able to be a quiet, unobtrusive support or a cheerful, enthusiastic cheerleader as needed.  She helped empower me to truly have a wonderful birth experience, and was a big support after the birth as well.  She is a proponent of natural childbirth and is very knowledgeable about all aspects of pregnancy and birth.  I am so happy I chose Chava to be my doula!

Chava was the most amazing doula. 

My first birth was a long and difficult one, resulting in a C-Section.  I did not feel fully satisfied by my providers, including my doula.  Being a second pregnancy, I knew what to look for and knew I needed someone who was warm, nurturing, and was going to make me feel comforted and safe.  I found that exact combination with Chava. 

Beautiful Bundle
She was an excellent doula from day one.  She made my husband and I feel comfortable, asked our preferences, informed us, and made us feel that she was knowledgeable about a VBAC.  When I went into labor, she came right away, and she was eager and excited to work.  During the next 24 hours, she stayed by my side, provided emotional and physical support, affirmed me, and made me feel safe.  She tried many comfort measures with me including massage, applying pressure, shower, bath, changing positions, and using a scarf to tie around me in various ways, among other things. 

The best thing about Chava is how warm, nurturing, and caring she is.  As a mother of 5, she is the epitome of a warm mother.  She took care of me and made me feel so cared for during the experience.  She is so sensitive to the vulnerability of the birth process that she was extremely careful to make every moment positive for me.  Even though she was with me through the night and for 2 days, she never showed any signs of being tired, hungry, or having any needs of her own.  She only cared for me and thought of my needs and comforts. 

I will certainly plan to use Chava for my next birth, whenever the time comes.   I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a warm, nurturing-type of doula.  She is genuinely one of the kindest and sweetest women I have ever met.  She is a unique woman who has so much patience and kindness. 

She was born to be a doula.  This is her calling.